These are activities and service opportunities you can engage in to connect even further
with God, other members, and outsiders. 
Our women are a strong group that doesn’t take the call to follow Jesus lightly. Several different women’s groups get together regularly to connect with God, each, other, and others. Between mom’s group, ladies’ night out, Bible study, prayer group, OWLLS (Older Ladies Leading Little Sisters), and just plain fellowship, women of all ages can find a place to belong, connect, and serve the Lord. Carissa Nevius can point you in the right direction when it comes to women’s ministries. 
Our church hosts many venues through which you can help reach the community. The pantry serves the immediate grocery needs of those in emergency situations. Our visitation ministry tends to those who are home-bound. The nursing home singing group spends time loving on those who might feel unloved. Every fall our friend day Sunday brings lots of guests and our ministry staff is always ready to study the Bible with anyone. Talk to anyone on our leadership page to connect in outreach.
Our church has a number of mission efforts for all to find a place to participate. We have yearly missions to Ecuador, South America. This mission consists of a youth camp and local outreach where many are brought to Christ each year. We are also involved with the Mt. Dora Children’s Home, many inner-city ministries, AIM in Brazil, and a variety of disaster relief efforts.
Find Ricardo and DeAnna Morales to serve.
Worship Services
A lot of prayer, thought, and dedication is put into the gathering of the Church at the Church of Christ. It takes so many dedicated volunteers to do what we do. We are always looking for those who would be interested in serving in a variety of capacities: A/V, singing, serving at the Lord’s table, communion, and much more. Speak to Chuck McCallister to plug in. 
Guest Services
It’s hard not to smile walking in the door to our church.  Friendliest greeters ever!  Their first concerns are that guests, and members, enjoy themselves, feel acceptance and love.  They endeavor to make all feel welcome and important.  Making someone feel warm, welcomed, and special before the service starts goes a long way towards helping attendees enjoy the service and receive from God! Contact Steve or Gail Tribble to learn more and serve in this ministry.
Community Groups
Started in January 2016, members have the opportunity to connect with God, each other, and outsiders on a deeper level through community groups that meet regularly in various locations. As a church, we want to intentionally facilitate the weekly practices of early church: corporate worship and prayer, the Lord’s Supper, giving, Bible content study, and gathering from home to home. Ron Gerst or Ross Mitchell can fill you in on the process and help you find a group. 
Faith @ Home
We have committed to being a church that recognizes and equips parents as the primary source of spiritual nourishment for their children. We understand families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a single parent or a family member raising someone else’s child, we want to partner with you to achieve a common goal: disciple the next generation. We’ll do our part at church and equip you to do your part to grow as a Faith @ Home family.
Adult Education
We strongly believe in being a church that teaches it’s members to perform the work of ministry. So we rely heavily on adult education that prepares and equips people to proclaim the message of Jesus. Many classes are taught by members who have experience, passion, and knowledge in a variety of topics. to contribute to this ministry, talk to Glen Barron.