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COVID-19 Status:
Updated 10/06

The Elders and Ministers have agreed to the following guidelines as we assemble for worship. As conditions permit, we will modify and/or expand, if possible, our services for the congregation. We pray for everyone’s cooperation and acceptance of these safety measures for the health and well-being of all.

We encourage anyone, young or old, if you do not feel well, have an elevated temperature, an underlying health condition, or are not comfortable with these measures, please watch the service from home. Similarly, if you have recently traveled out of the state you should not attend services your first Sunday back.

We are limiting our services for the time being. We will start with only a worship assembly. We will not be holding Sunday Evening and Wednesday Night services at this time. We will open with only 50% of our normal capacity so we can provide enough room for members and families to social distance from each other the recommended six feet.

Entry will be through the mall-way doors only, but you may exit through either rear doorway of the auditorium. Seating will be in every other pew. Family members who live together may sit together, but allow for at least six feet between unrelated individuals.

Out of love and respect, let’s refrain from physical contact. No handshakes or hugs.  Even if you are not concerned about contracting the virus, others may be and may prefer that you not touch them. Let’s greet one another with eye to eye contact, encouraging words, or a gentle nod of the head.

We ask all attendees to bring and wear face masks to restrict the spread of respiratory droplets. This is especially important during entry to and exit from the building when social distancing is harder to maintain. We also want you to wear your mask during our corporate singing. Doctors tell us that singing can spread as many respiratory droplets as coughing and sneezing.

The auditorium doors will be left open and the air conditioning fans will run continuously to help dissipate any airborne virus. Children under two years of age do not need to wear a  mask. Disposable face masks are available for visitors and for those who forget their own.

We will not pass communion trays or offering plates. Prepackaged wafers and juice cups will be set out for pick-up on your way in. Please dispose of the packaging in the trash cans as you depart. You are welcome to bring your own communion emblems if you prefer. You can deposit your weekly offering in the collection plates/boxes placed around the auditorium. We have removed the Bibles, hymnals, attendance cards, and other items from the back of the pews to reduce the need to clean and disinfect these items after services.

Our singing will be limited in the number of songs and verses. But please WEAR YOUR MASK. Again, our concern is for the primary means of infection — a person’s respiratory droplets. Singing to God in your heart is scriptural and therefore acceptable.

Anyone wishing to respond to the invitation or who seeks the prayers of the congregation, we ask that you meet after the service with an elder who will take the necessary actions to accommodate your requests.

Please maintain social distancing as you exit. Members who want to meet and visit with each other we ask you do so outside the building where there is more space. Please remember social distancing as you do and again refrain from handshakes and hugs. Many parts of the building will be placed off limits to reduce the continual need to clean and disinfect. We also ask that no more than two people use the main restrooms at the same time.

Continue to pray that our God will soon remove this plague and that He will continue to protect His children as we seek to worship Him in truth and spirit and in fellowship with one another.


9:15 AM – Bible Study
10:15 AM – Worship
5:00 PM – Worship / Small Groups
7:00 PM – Bible Study and Worship
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